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Bunscoil Cholmcille & Naíscoil Dhoire

Nursery Day

Here in Naíscoil Dhoire, we wish to work with you as parents to build upon your child’s learning that has already taken place in your home.  We want to provide children with a rich variety of challenging play activities and other experiences in a stimulating environment. Our focus is to allow children to learn at their own pace, to develop a positive attitude of themselves as learners and to experience learning in various ways.

In Naíscoil Dhoire, we have one full-time nursery class, which runs each day from 8.55am to 1.25pm. Our current staff are Nuala Bn. Mhic Giolla Bhuí (Nursery Teacher), Bronagh Ní hAilpíne (Nursery Assistant, maternity cover) and Gráinne Bn. Uí Chléirigh (Nursery Assistant). Throughout the year, there may also be students on placement in the class.

We believe that play is a powerful method of education for young children in their pre-school year. Our staff plan to build on the basic principles of play i.e. that it is concrete, active learning that is motivating. Using our knowledge of the curriculum, of play and of the children's developmental stages, our staff plan flexibly to combine adult focused and child initiated play situations.  We aim to provide for the needs of the 'whole child' i.e. intellectual, emotional, social, physical, spiritual and moral.

Planning for children's learning is based on the N.Ireland pre-school curriculum. There are six areas of learning which emphasise early literacy and numeracy skills, development of personal, social and emotional skills and also aim to develop children's knowledge, understanding and skills in creative play and about the world around us. In addition, our children have an added area of learning as they naturally acquire an understanding of and early use of Irish as the immersion language. Learning takes place throughout our daily routine which allows for both child-initiated and adult-led activities. A detailed description of our daily routine is available to view in the policies section.

Below is a brief description of each of the areas of learning:

Physical Development

This area of learning aims to develop fine & gross motor skills, promote competence and self-confidence in movement and develop spatial awareness & problem solving skills.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

This area of learning aims to promote children’s personal, social and emotional well-being which is essential for their future successful learning.

Language Development 

This area of learning aims to promote children’s talking and listening skills, pre-reading skills and early writing skills.

Irish Language Development 

This area of learning aims to immerse the children in the Irish language allowing them to develop an understanding of routine, social and theme language and to gradually begin to use this language themselves as the nursery year progresses.

Early Mathematical Development

This area of learning aims to develop various mathematical skills, inclusive of number, 1:1 correspondence, sequence & counting, sorting & matching, pattern, space & time, estimating & measuring and problem solving.

The Arts

This area of learning aims to promote the children’s creative skills through art, music, dance, drama and imaginative role-play activities.

The World Around Us 

This area of learning aims to develop the children’s understanding of their world in terms of their family, neighbourhood & community, wider world, nature and ICT.